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Internal Equipment

Internal Equipment

The modern day greenhouse is but a simple hall without all the high-tech equipment inside. That’s why we provide a long list of internal equipment installation:

-underground pipes, snow melting pipes, mixing groups, tichelman system, rail pipes, grow pipes, hot and cold storage tanks, boiler room and accessories

Screen system
-single, double, wall screen, black-out

Electrical installations, automation and computer installation
-cabling, electrical panels, sockets, light bulbs, switches, climate compartments, fans, computers, sensors and other equipment

Growlight system
– All types of grow lights (Sodium bulbs, Ceramic Metallhalogen bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs), cables, switches and panels

-PVC pipe installations, drip irrigation, irrigation units, fertigation units, pumps and other machines, water storage tanks

CO2 installation

-CO2 transport and distribution pipes, CO2 unit and collectors

Fog system, High-Pressure Fogging System
-fog nozzles, connections, compression fittings, ss tubes, ss frames hydraulic hoses, pumps, controls, nylon systems, filters, mounting material, valves, fog rings, pre-pressure pumps

Recirculation fans
-mixing of air inside the greenhouse to achieve a more equal climate.

Cooling pad corridors
-climate walls, pad walls, insect net, vents